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Silver Fox Advisors Announces New Member By Dick Hendee on Sep 25, 2023 12:14 pm

HOUSTON, TX (September 14, 2023) – Today the Silver Fox Advisors announced its newest Silver Fox Advisor. “Jonathan Phillips was previously voted in as a Silver Fox Advisor Member and then welcomed into the organization at its September 14, 2023, Membership Meeting,” announced Joseph Tung, President of the Silver Fox Advisors. Tung added, “Jonathan is ...

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Our retained search in Houston, Texas is intended to empower business leaders to grow their companies and take control of their careers.

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Talent Acquisition

Acquiring and Keeping the right people to grow your businesses.[Click Here]

Talent Acquisition

We ensure 24/7 transparency throughout our search process, allowing clients to be actively involved. From understanding the business case to defining the hiring blueprint, we seek to align candidates with roles that match both skill sets and aspirations. Dive into a seamless, collaborative hiring experience that ensures mutual growth and progress.[Click Here]


Career Counselling

Empowering individuals to control their careers.[Click Here]

Career Counselling

Harnessing the power of our "Market Credible Search Process", we offer personalized guidance tailored to individual aspirations. From strategic mentorship to actionable feedback, we stand as your trusted advisor, illuminating the path toward a fulfilling professional life.[Click Here]

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Advisory Services

Professionals to help you enhance your businesses and careers.[Click Here]

Advisory Services

Whether it's structuring integration solutions for lateral hires, dissecting the nuances of compensation to drive motivation, nurturing leadership capabilities, or leveraging the untapped potential of alumni networks, our in-house experts and affiliated specialists stand ready to assist. Let us partner with you to craft strategies, drive operational excellence, and capitalize on opportunities for sustained growth.[Click Here]

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We are continuously improving our services. We believe that your thoughts about us and our services can help us with that. Allow us to serve you better by leaving your feedback.

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For over 30 years our Market Credible Search Process sustains our success:

  • 95% Completion Rate
  • 80% Candidate Promotion Rate
  • 4+ Years Retention
  • 2+ Candidate Placements per Search

Let us share this success with your firm and your career!

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