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Specializing in executive search in Houston, Texas, Magellan uses a unique talent acquisition framework we call the Market Credible Search Process. This process begins with a client business discussion to confirm the Business Case for hiring. We then use the client’s position description to build a unique Hiring Case for the role(s) in question. Finally, we craft the Career Case that we use to attract the best candidates into the hiring process. Bringing these “cases” together is the heart of our “Market Credible Search Process”.

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Unique Risk Reduction Approach to Contracting

Our contracts are designed to reduce risk for both Hiring Authorities and Human Resources with our clients. Call to discuss how we can make retaining Magellan as risk-free as possible for your firm’s unique needs. Additionally, our HR Services section also contains offerings to reduce the risk for all our searches, both in the hiring process and the post-hire integration process.

We use three distinct retained contract structures for differing levels or scales of search projects.

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  • Retained Search

    Best used for one or more senior leadership searches focused on significant growth objectives for existing or new P&Ls. Our greatest success comes when both Human Resources and the Hiring Authorities work with Magellan’s team from the beginning.

    Board Searches are done by a partner within Magellan and are billed once at the start and then once at the end of the search. Call for details. Non-profit board searches are also uniquely constructed and billed differently.

    C-Suite searches are done by a partner and one senior recruiter. A search strategy is prepared before the search commences. We have a couple of different revenue models depending on timing requirements, but largely are billed 1/3 at start, 1/3 at interviews and 1/3 at offer.

    Senior executive searches are done by a partner and one team members. A search strategy is built along with a career case model to validate candidate selection criteria. Revenue models are straight forward being billed out 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 as for C-Suite searches. There is some room for payment timing depending on how the searches are set up and who is in volved on the client side.

    Problematic searches are done by a partner and/or two team members depending on the issues related to each search uniquely. The revenue models her vary widely depending on how “problematic” the search will be to complete.

  • Leadership and Team Building

    This is best used when a leader needs to be hired first and then the team. This allows the responsible party to be part of the team-building process from the start. Again, a synergistic partnership with Human Resources greatly enhances this process.

    Leadership searches are done as a senior executive search with a partner and two team members. The two team members will divide up the leadership search support and building out the short list for the team hires that will follow the leade4rships successful joining. Revenue models for this are constructed uniquely for each project, but the leader will be billed as a senior executive search; 1/3, 1/3, 1/3; team member fees are then set up as required by the client based on scheduling of hiring requirements over an extended period. Magellan always accommodates budgetary requirements when setting these larger scale searches up.

    Team building is done if the leader is in place and a team needs to be built. Here it is all about timing and level; usually we have a partner overseeing one, two or more team members to assure the team hires are done on time – and on budget.

  • Program Hiring

    Best used for constructing a sustained pipeline of talent to be shared with our client’s human resources group. This is most effective when a leader owns the outcome for the objectives of the group and human resources has a clear line of sight to the same objectives.

    Program hiring is a service Magellan provides to clients that are building business segments or groups as part of a larger growth strategy. This service is aimed at large scale hiring of mid-level or even junior level hires. Here again a partner will oversee the process with one or more team members to assure program success. Revenue models for this are very flexible, but usually are done as a fixed monthly fee. This program process is very successful when done in partnership with our client’s hiring authorities and involved oversight from a senior Human Resources professional within our client’s organization.

    Program services are provided beyond traditional search as needed and fold into our Advisory services offerings. The advantage is that when combined discounts to the search fees will apply – the success and value add here cannot be underestimated – call for details.

Market Credible Search Process

Magellan’s Market Credible Search Process (MC/SP) framework begins with our client’s overarching Business Case. We then build a Search Strategy that puts our client’s Hiring Case into context with our candidate’s Career Case. We then use our MC/SP to drive great candidates into the Hiring Process, including Hiring Authorities, Human Resources, Magellan, and the Candidates.


Talent acquisition requires a paradigm shift for all parties involved:

  • Our clients make a subtle shift from a hiring-only mindset to an integrating and keeping mindset by focusing on the long-term value of the role being filled.
  • Our candidates also shift their thinking from taking a job to making a career selection.
  • Finally, the search firm has to shift its own processes from persuasion to advocacy and empowerment of both sides to objectively make the best business and career decisions – again with a long-term focus.
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