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Critical CTO Search for a Venture Capital backed Water Purification Company

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The Challenge

The CEO retained us directly to quickly find a CTO with deep expertise in water treatment using advanced electro and oxidation chemistry. Time was the critical path issue for this search as the client was moving to commercialize a technology and the Venture Capital firm was strongly encouraging our client to move forward as quickly as possible.

The Approach

Leveraging our deep content knowledge in specialty chemicals technologies we focused on leading competitive R&D firms to source excellent candidates
Focused research in this highly specialized and narrow area enabled us to develop a short list quickly. By focusing on asking the right questions we were able to engage candidates in a deep discussion of an area for which they had passion. This made the screening conversation go very smoothly.

Focus sourcing in technical journals and societies
By advertising for the role in highly specialized journals and in the society magazine our team was able to get to the real CTO visionaries we needed for our client. Managing referral sources discretely and in confidence was instrumental to finding just the right set of qualified candidates.

Ask technical questions, but focus on cultural fit
By focusing our input on the on the cultural fit variables and asking the technical questions only and reporting out we were able to objectively help the client get to the short list smoothly. We were also able to separate the technical selection issues form the cultural fit issues.

The Magellan Difference

  • Upfront research was used to build preliminary candidate profiles and ensure productive and rapport building meetings with candidates.
  • Behavioral interviewing skills proved valuable to get at the relevant cultural fit questions for each candidate.
  • Acting as a business partner with the CEO allowed us to make the candidates feel special and to streamline the hiring process.

The Results

Successful placement made
Magellan’s team found that by preparing in depth before each candidate meeting made the candidate’s realize the critical nature of the search. This allowed us to shepherd each through the interview process quickly once they were identified and ultimately lead to a successful long term hire for our client.

Follow on work for three new roles
After the success of this assignment we were awarded three follow on searches which were also successful.

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