Magellan’s was retained to hire partners and managers to accelerate the growth of a small chemical practice for a leading supply chain firm.


Our client’s value proposition was narrowly focused and they required deep chemical industry content knowledge.

At the time of the search demand for excellent consulting talent in the chemicals industry was high due to very large scale mergers and acquisitions that were occurring.


Focus on deep industry content consultants

This search required a sustained effort to find chemical content rich consultants that were effectively marginalized in their current firm. Our clients deep content expertise in supply chain made the value proposition for joining very focused. Our client had leadership roles available and excellent access to the major chemical companies, all of whom were dealing with issues in the supply chain and procurement areas where our client had expertise.

Communicate client’s vision for growth

The partner leading our client’s effort had developed a strong offering for the chemical industry. This created a compelling argument to bring other partners in to take the lead in the discrete parts of the chemical industry: petrochemicals, aromatics, specialties, plastics, olefins, etc.

Develop targeted list of candidates by chemical specialty

Magellan researched and developed a short list of qualified candidates for each specialty. The team then recruited in each area and worked with our client to select a lead for each chemical specialty. We then built a few selected manager hires for each specialty as well.

This effort was sustained for 18 months.

The Magellan Difference

  • Quickly assembled a recruiting team to source candidates for multiple parts of the chemical value chain
  • Worked with industry influencers in each chemical segment to find leaders for our client.
  • Effectively sourced candidates in each segment simultaneously to allow our client to leverage its competency skills quickly.


By having a long term plan and by segmenting the search Magellan was able to work effectively for 18 months

Over the course of the build Magellan placed 6 partners and 12 managers across the chemical segments. The team was also integrated effectively and persisted for years.

Group synergy with other areas

Over time the chemicals group was able to leverage the firms supply chain and procurement expertise across multiple clients. The effort to build an industry focused group was repeated in other areas as well.


“Magellan took the time to understand our business and the needs of our customers, so they could effectively represent us to the candidates we needed to hire in a timely fashion.”

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