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The Challenge

Our client wanted to hire three partners simultaneously to achieve critical mass quickly. To hire three partners at the same time, we needed a unique recruiting and hiring process.

The Approach

Develop a team recruiting approach for multiple partners
Magellan organized its recruiting team to divide and conquer by source firm. We developed a short list of potential partner candidates that were managed through the recruiting process at the same time. We then handled the first round of interviews individually for each partner on the short list until we had consensus with our client on the three finalists.

Create a simultaneous interview process
By invoking a trusted advisor relationship with each candidate Magellan was able to orchestrate an interview day. The process was for each partner to build a business case for their being hired and then present to the client hiring panel as well as to the other partners that were under consideration.

Manage simultaneous onboarding for three partners
Integration of the three partners with our client simultaneously required some input form Magellan as well. During each partner’s time to traction Magellan was asked to source at least one manager for each partner. This was done in concert with each partner assuming managerial responsibility for at least two existing managers within the firm. This group team building exercise served to effectively unit the team in the early stages of the partners on-boarding.

The Magellan Difference

  • The Magellan team developed a group recruiting process that proved very effective in sourcing excellent chemicals partners simultaneously.
  • We then worked closely with our client to manage a unique group interview day.
  • Finally we were part of the integration process for each partner we had placed.

The Results

In short order we were able to source the three leading partners
Magellan’s team found that by dividing the search by source company was very effective and also helped to keep the search relatively quiet at the early stages, thus ensuring confidentiality for each partner while we recruited.

New partners and team ramp up sales
Our client was very pleased with the building of a new sector in chemicals. Within 24 months the team was as large as the all the other areas our client already had.

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