Data Science Group Build for Global Oil Field Services Firm


The Challenge

Find multiple high quality cutting edge data scientists for global OFS firm in multiple geographies within a one quarter period. A leading global oil field services client with offices in India, United Kingdom and North America retained Magellan to find the right individuals to grow and expand their data science capabilities during a period of dramatic organizational change.

The Approach

Build a first in class Hiring Case.
Our client came to Magellan with a mandate to build this group across multiple geographies and P&L’s within the firm. The challenge was to craft a hiring case and position description that met the requirements of multiple stake holders and multiple cultures. Formtunately Magellan had built a global group with this firm previously so we were already up to speed on the cultural uniqueness of each geography. From there we collected “best in class” data science descriptions from active global searches in the energy sector which we combined for our client.

Develop a compelling Career Case
Data Scientists we quickly realized were is very tight supply. This was exacerbated by the business and leadership requirements for our clients roles in each geography. Magellan leveraged its first-hand experience with the energy sector and engaged each of the best candidates in a career discussion that put our client in an advantageous position in the global market and demonstrate how great the career value of our roles were for them.

Locate and secure the best candidates
The partner leading the engagement was given a generous research budget to quickly build a targeted list of potential clients in the data science sector. Using external resources and also quickly leveraging Magellan’s internal Oil & Gas network we were able to quickly develop a short list of highly qualified candidates.

The Magellan Difference

  • Developed a compelling hiring case across both position requirements and geographic cultures to attract exceptional candidates
  • Coordinated a global team of client geographic hiring authorities and HR managers to configure a compelling hiring argument and description.
  • Quickly (within the quarter) vetted and delivered multiple candidates for serious consideration

The Results

For all three geographies Magellan delivered a compelling target list of data science candidates for review
Magellan’s focus on building a solid career rationale for the data science candidates resulted in a focused hiring process for each geographic leader. Over 90% of the candidates we identified called us back to learn more about the position, even before knowing the name of our client. Data Science candidates were also impressed by our research not of just other viable data science experts in their field, but of the unique and pressing issues that they faced from a career perspective.

Our efforts generated a list of over 12 qualified candidates in each of the three geographies with a back up list of around 15 in each area. The quality of the remaining candidates was so high that the firm is using Magellan for a second round of group building later this year.

New hires that hit the ground running
Our continued focus on self-integration meant that we are able to surpass our client’s expectations by not only finding candidates quickly, but be ensuring from our process that they integrated well into the unique and very different cultures of the firm in each geography.

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