How to Set Up Newly Hired Employees for Success


After completing the time-consuming task of recruiting, there is onboarding. Using retained search in Houston, Texas to hire a qualified candidate is only half the battle. The next challenge is making them feel welcome and integrating them into your team. Doing so from the start will ensure new employees become long-term, effective members of your team.

As a trusted leader in talent acquisition, we will share tips on how to integrate new employees into your team successfully:

  • Foster a welcoming environment and empowerment.
    New hires usually aren’t aware of the critical norms in your organization. New hires are encouraged to share their ideas with the team by fostering a welcoming environment. To foster this type of environment, leaders need to socialize within the organization so it will become the new norm over time.
  • Share their value with your team.
    Your existing staff needs to know why a candidate was hired out of all the applicants. Hence, take the time to properly introduce the new employee at your next team meeting or in a group email. Provide some relevant information about their certifications and experience. It is greater for empowering candidates and establishing their roles.
  • Outline the first few months.
    The first few months of onboarding are critical to retaining employees. Hence, it’s necessary to be clear and concise about your expectations. It will provide a sense of direction and organization. To do so, review your organization’s practice policies and guidelines with new hires.

Established over 25 years ago, Magellan International is a leader in the professional services industry. Utilizing executive search in Houston, we empower our candidates to take charge of their careers and achieve their goals. Reach out to us for inquiries about our services.

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