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Have you ever experienced getting confused by the job requirements being listed by companies online? Do you feel like your specific skill set doesn’t match anything that talent acquisition specialists are looking for on job ads and job search websites? The job market today is very niche, and you can benefit from the help of the right talent recruitment agency.

Magellan International is a company that specializes in retained search in Houston, Texas. Our company helps businesses big and small find the right applicants for their job openings. We take the time and effort to search for the best talents with the specific skills our clients need. As such, we are in need of highly-specialized professionals such as yourself to help empower candidates and empower businesses at the same time.

Our company is a trusted advisor when it comes to executive search in Houston. We have successfully headhunted talents encompassing a variety of industries, from aerospace companies to utilities, and so much more in between. We also hire professionals from around the world, from Buenos Aires to Singapore.

If you want to be a part of the elite selection of employees and trusted advisor we recommend to our premium list of clients, call us today at 713-439-7485. Join us and we can help you land that dream job that is specifically suited to your unique personality and skill set.

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