The Common Culprits of Employee Attrition


Attrition of employees can have a slew of negative effects on companies. For one, it can result in disrupted workflow and reduced productivity. Additionally, the costs associated with bridging the resulting gaps throughout talent acquisition, hiring, and training are considerable. 

That said, understanding employee attrition inside and out is imperative so that steps can be taken to keep it at bay. That’s where we at Magellan International can help! At our company, we are not only dedicated to offering a top-notch retained search in Houston, Texas. We also strive to set businesses up for success by making key information accessible!

In light of that, allow us to shed light on a few factors contributing to attrition. They are as follows:

  • Poor management and leadership:
    Employees often leave due to problems with their immediate supervisors or managers. Micromanagement, lack of support, favoritism, and ineffective communication can all create a negative work environment—driving employees to resign.
  • Lack of growth and development opportunities:
    Employees are well aware of how competitive today’s market can be. As such, when they feel there are limited opportunities for growth, empowerment, and advancement within an organization, they may seek new opportunities elsewhere.
  • Significant workload and stress:
    High workload, excessive stress, and a lack of work-life balance can all lead to burnout. Employees may opt for a more manageable work environment if they persistently feel overwhelmed or if their personal lives are adversely affected.

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