Indications Why You Need a Retained Search Company


Investing in a firm offering retained executive search in Houston is a significant decision. But how can you tell if it’s the right time to start looking for one?

Hiring a trusted advisor from an executive search agency is something to consider if filling a senior administrative role is crucial to your company’s future or if you have a growing uneasiness about an executive’s performance.

There are more telling indicators that it’s time to look for executive search firms, including:

  • No time to look through candidate profiles.
    It cannot be easy to sift through applicant profiles without letting other, more pressing tasks slide. Our retained search can handle this process for you, providing only qualified applicants who will fit in well with your company’s culture.
  • Current executive isn’t a good match.
    A corporation might be led astray if a senior or C-suite executive is not a good fit for the company’s culture or the position’s responsibilities. Executive search firms ensure that they find a good match during talent acquisition based on the job inside an organization.
  • Business is rapidly upscaling.
    While rapid expansion benefits a company, it also calls for strong leadership. In addition to helping you find and evaluate candidates, retained search firms can also provide services to help you fill in any gaps in your team’s experience, talents, and more.

Magellan International has developed a market-credible search process framework over 30 years of retained search in Houston, Texas, providing training on this framework to every employee and partner we have.

Contact us to discuss the benefits of our retained search services for your business. Empower and achieve success with us by your side!

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